GloryUs Goings On – Pat Bowlen to receive Mizel Community Enrichment Award

Pat Bowlen. Photo courtesy Mizel Museum

Cherry Hills Villager and Denver Broncos CEO and Owner Pat Bowlen will receive the Mizel Institute 2013 Community Enrichment Award at the Mizel Gala Dinner, May 22.

In 1993, Bowlen started the Broncos Charities, which has donated more than $25 million to nonprofits, including The University of Denver, Capuchin Friars, the University of Northern Colorado, Rose Medical Center, the American Ireland Fund, the Irish Community Center, Hawaii Maritime Center, Alberta Bar Association, Law Society of Alberta and the Young Presidents’ Organization.

Bowlen was elected to the University of Denver Board of Trustees in 1987 and is currently a member of the DU Athletic Affairs Committee. Previously, he served on the Institutional Advancement Committee and the Institutional Advancement/University Relations subcommittee, according to information submitted by the Mizel Institute.

For information on the gala, call Ellen Premack at 303-749-5011, email or visit

Elise Saly

Elise Daly wins CNI Hope Award

From the Colorado Neurological Institute, CNI comes this story about Elise Daly, a fourth grader whose life changed for the better after she got the gift of hearing, showing that “hope fuels the world. As a deaf child, Daly knew at a young age the level of gumption necessary to overcome life’s unforeseen obstacles.”

She got a lot of help from Dr. David Kelsall at the Rocky Mountain Ear Center with two cochlear implants and placed first at the Vail Invitational Figure Skating Championship and recently won the CNI Hope Award.

With her life-changing procedure she can be in full control of her destiny. Her parents, Chip and Michelle Daly said, “This valuable lesson is truly the miracle of life and the definition of hope.”

Elise attended the CNI Cochlear Kids Camp, becoming one of the CI Kids.

The RMEC (, and CNI are part of Swedish Medical Center. They can be reached at


Ballet Nouveau Colorado is forming Wonderbound, reorganizing the school and professional contemporary dance company into two separate entities. The dance company is moving into a downtown site, as it becomes Wonderbound. The School of Ballet Nouveau Colorado stays in Broomfield and now becomes the Colorado Conservatory of Dance.

To learn more, visit or call Katie Knoch at 303-893-8608, ext. 208.

Sense of Security

Sense of Security notes that its annual Champagne & Diamonds gala was sold-out this year and raised $100,000.

‘The Premiere’

“The Premiere,” is the title of the invitation from the University of Colorado Foundation for its Feb. 9 benefit for the hospital emergency department that needs to expand into the 12-story inpatient tower.

What’s just great is the initial invitation for sponsors has paper dolls. When’s the last time you ever had paper dolls? If you’re not on Medicare, you may never have seen them. A cardboard figure, in this case of a man in his undies and a woman wearing a bathing suit, has five outfit cutouts that have tabs on them so you bend the tabs and place each outfit over the two figures and there are the suggested types of formal wear to adorn yourself in for the event.

Make no mistake, the male figure has an all black tux and also one with white tux shirt, vest and jacket and black tux pants. The three cutouts with tabs for women are a long black fitted gown, a full skirted blue floor length gown and then one tab-on with a red, full-skirted cocktail dress. So now you know what to wear. Sorry, guys, no business suits in the invitation layout and ladies, no pantsuits. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear tuxedo pant suits, ladies, but if you’ve got a formal gown in the closet this may be the gala to get it on for.

Sharon Magness Blake, Peter Coors, Bob and Claudia Beauprez and Steve Bangert are event chairs. Trice is exclusive jewelry sponsor.

A slew of dinner committee members and an honorary committee are on the back of those tabbed cutouts so perhaps make a copy of the side with the names before punching the perforated cutouts apart.

Get in contact with them at


This column is addressing the local aspects of some etiquette topics on an as needed basis.

The “Etiquette for Dummies” we got from Amazon was copywritten in 2007 and in that mere five years society has changed.

Only a few short society seasons, ago it was automatically d’rigeur to shake a person’s hands upon meeting them. This all started in an era when strangers may be holding a weapon in one’s hand so to be sure that was not the situation, strangers shook hands.

Fast forward to 2012 and in our more recently multicultural America, some things are changing. Members of some cultural or religious backgrounds do not touch others of the opposite sex. Someone’s attire may offer immediate clues, such as an Orthodox Jewish man’s yarmulke or perhaps a Muslim woman’s completely covered hair are two examples. There are others whose faith or culture limits physical contact or direct eye contact with others.

Due to the cold and flu season, now in full swing, the topic of hand shaking comes to mind. Those allergic to eggs may sometimes be allergic to the flu shot, which is egg cultured, leaving the unimmunized to vulnerability to transmission of another’s early or obvious flu symptoms. For the elderly or otherwise immune impaired, the consequences could be tragic.

Hugs are also part of the body touching touchy topic. Locally, infrequently seen acquaintances may give hugs and here I am, enjoying it if someone known as a nice, huggy person offers it but here again, invading one’s comfort zone can be awkward and uninvited. Standing too close to another person can also cause discomfort.

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